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LED is short for Light emitting diode that is semiconductor device, when electricity flows through in the forward direction,it emits light of different color. High power LEDs are one type of LED that has higher power and brightness and of course are more costly comparing to the small power LEDs.The regular LED rating current is 20mA,basically LED with rating current higher than 20mA can be called high power LED.Generally rating power has 0.25w,0.5w,1w,3w,5w,8w,10w and so on, the brightness of high power LEDs is measured in lm while for small power LEDs is in mcd,high power LEDs currently are widely applied on automobile lights,flashlights,lighting fixtures etc. High power LEDs are named corresponds to small power LEDs,the classification standard has three types:The first type is to classify according to rating power of finish product after packaging,it can be 0.5W,1W,3W,5W,10W….100W. The second is by package techniques:large dimension epoxy package,simulated superflux epoxy package,MCPCB package, TO package,power SMD package,MCPCB integration package etc.

The third is by luminous decay extent,it can be low and non-low luminous decay high power LEDs. High power LEDs are energy efficient building block generating sufficient lumen outputs ideal for popular lighting applications. High power LEDs offer the best solid-state light source enabling you to figure out the creative ideas about lightings. The shape of high power leds has available both Star and O’Ring configurations. Both configurations offer the best possible color rendering capability and color temperature. With a nominal correlated color temperature of 3200K, close to traditional indoor light source, it is particularly suited to architects and light designers.

The revolutionary LED lighting technology is being applied more and more in the automobile industry.Thanks to their apparent advantages over traditional filament lighting.Led Bulbs are brighter,longer longevity,fast echo and huge energy saving. LED lights only spends average 1W power,in other word,it can greatly reduces the battery power cost and in turn lowers the oil consumption. In addition, these lights last much longer than the incandescence bulbs means you would save money on replacement for their life is as long as 30,000 hours.

The more significant advantage can be seen when LED lights are used in the automobile tail light,LED light bulbs have very fast response speed,comparing to a conventional bulbs using 0.2 ~ 0.3 seconds to turn on,it can be considered as lights immediately. This feature allow the follow driver to respond more promptly effectively avoid the accident of collision. In addition,LED light can produce vivid colors is another awesome advantage, They could emit a more consistent color than a old fashion bulb.Nowadays, they are so versatile that have been produced more and more applications for interior and exterior which including but no limit to break and tail lights,turn lights,indicator lights,interior lights etc. Aside from using for the lighting purpose, LED lights are also used for styling.They have great vision effect to make your car stands up from the crowd.The usual styling applications are under car kits, LED strips, LED logo, LED washer jet etc.

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